Sell On Multiple Online Marketplaces, From One Dashboard.

DealDone is the first  e-commerce supply-chain aggregator in Bangladesh.

 Multi-channel eCommerce inventory management software for online sellers, which  enables merchants to sell their products on multiple e-commerce marketplaces.

Upload on Multiple Sites Together.

 Think of DealDone as your master product banks, you can easily create single product or variations, then upload to multiple sales channel with different pricing.

Centralized Inventory Management.

DealDone user friendly Interface allows you to easily manage your inventory in one place and have it synced across all sales channels. It will automatically update the stocks in different channels as new orders are coming in, reduces overselling problems significantly.

Easily list your inventory on multiple channels to reach more customers.

Upload & sell on multiple sites together.
Reach new customers no matter where they shop by listing your inventory on popular marketplaces.

Automatically sync inventory to avoid overselling.

DealDone automatically adjusts your inventory when items are ordered and updates the channels to keep everything in sync.
This helps to avoid overselling of items you don’t have in stock.

Everything you need to run and grow your multi-channel ecommerce business.

We foresee e-commerce fuelling entrepreneurship & business growth. Built for the Complex Needs of Modern Retail Businesses.